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Do you need that iPad?

AnTactile Description David Pylyp ipad won't help that older couple that are selling a home after 40 years of memories and not discussing the door frame with Johnny's height carved in every year on his birthday. They crave the comfort of fondling a piece for paper that makes a break with the past. The signing on the dotted line that signifies a commitment.  "Honey,  How does the offer Feel to you?"

The iPad won't help the out of town seller dealing with the estate. How will they catologue and sell the contents from there?

Yes, using the EVERNOTE record audio button is quick for those questions we ask a Seller, for our own reference and recall of course and with their full knowledge and consent.  Saving TREES!  Less paper is the battle cry!  We can use the newest scanner feature to "copy" all bills, utilities, taxes and surveys.  We can use magic plan to create a floorplan.  Yes we can take pictures and even record a video. 

The combination of Docusign and Cartavi, learning the technology to send an offer by email to the listing agent comes to a SHREIKING HALK when you receive a signback or counter offer as a jpeg images that are too large to open.  PDF pro is available to open and sign, initial a document and resave for later.  Then send when you have internet; BUT we lost power here for a week at the height of the #ICESTORM2014 in Toronto, nothing moved, people shared charging stations and social media to communicate. 

Some have mentioned GIVING away an ipad as a promotional inducement. You teach CLIENTS how to use it and dropbox for documents, and as you progress through the shopping experience, they have now received and commented on Evernote. Pulled listings from their shared dropbox, stored saved and forwarded their own contracts to lawyers, mortgage and insurance brokers. Engaged Home Inspectors and taken photos.  They have chronicled their adventure.

But still there is that pensive anticipation of sitting around the kitchen table, making deal.  SWEATING THE WHO WILL SPEAK FIRST? Having the Father render the contract into dozen of pieces only to have you take another from your briefcase, The Mother who shouts "I don't care how much it is....  we're taking it."  The children peeking around from the doorway... wondering if they are moving away.  The Art of the Deal is in that personal presentation of why your BUYER would be the best custodian of their house and the packaging of those feelings, emotions and history into a contract that has tactile reference to our home owners as an event.  Sending the offer by email lessens our opportunity to demonstrate skill in negotiation and improve our profession.

Thats my opinion.   What do you think? 



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