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Home Staging Top 10 List

As we move into modern times we turn to David Letterman for our inspiration.

Here is our Top Ten list of home staging DO's

1. Sparkle and Shine - Keeping a clean house is paramount to making a positive impression on potential homebuyers. Nothing will turn off homebuyers quicker than a dirty house. In the mind of a homebuyer, a clean house equals a house that has been well taken care of.

2. Clear the Clutter - Take a step back and assess the room and all of its belongings. If they're not adding to the design or function of the room, store them or remove them. This goes for furniture too. Remember the old adage, "less is more", especially when it comes to showing off the space in a room.

3. Tone Down Your Personality - Smart sellers know that the purchase of a home is a very emotional decision, which is then backed up by the rational. Therefore, if homebuyers see too much of "you" in the house, they will not see themselves living there. Potential homebuyers become home buyers when they imagine themselves living in the house. Let them do that by removing personal effects such as photos, degrees, and knickknacks.

4. Clean up the Curb - Sellers often focus on the interior and neglect to focus on the first impression-the outside. How does your home look when you drive by? Are the trees trimmed? Lawn mowed? Weeds picked? Garbage stored away? Windows washed? If potential homebuyers drive by before setting up a viewing (and a LARGE majority WILL drive by) and do not like what they see, they will cross you off their list. Remember to look at curb appeal at night too, as most drive bys will happen in the evening after work!

5. Fix the Faulty - Have you been meaning to replace that burnt out light fixture in the bathroom for awhile, but keep putting it off? Well, now is the time to do all of those "minor" repairs around the house. "Minor" repairs that need to be done will become major problems in the homebuyers' eyes. Moving is stressful enough-the last thing homebuyers want to do when they move in is go around the house replacing burnt out bulbs and fixing cracks in the wall. Fix it before homebuyers eighty-six it!

6. Paint the Town Red, Not Your Walls - Love your red dining room or blue bedroom? While you might, not everyone has the same taste in décor as you do. Although paint colours are just an easy aesthetic change, most homebuyers will not be able to get past them. As well, different colours can conjure up different emotions such as frustration and agitation-not exactly the emotional state you want a homebuyer to be in! Neutral colours not only appeal to the masses, but also create a more calming and relaxed atmosphere-the perfect atmosphere for buying!

7. Warm It Up - Now, after telling you to de-clutter, de-personalize, and neutralize, you're probably thinking your house might look more like a hospital than a home. In addition to these lessons, though, remember that you still want to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Think more hotel than hospital. Warm up the space with fresh flowers, fresh fruit, throws, pillows and rugs.

8. Point Out the Positives - Staging is not about hiding all of the negatives, but about accentuating the positives. Focus on highlighting what made you fall in love with your home when you bought it-Updated kitchen? Spacious family room? Gorgeous garden? Make sure you catch homebuyers' attention in the right rooms.

9. Let the Light Shine In - Now that you've spent all of this time and energy getting the house ready, don't hide it in the dark. Always open your blinds and drapes and turn on the lights before any showings and open houses.

10. Look at Your Objects Objectively - Even after going through the list, you still have to step back, remove yourself from the emotional side of selling your home and go through the list again. Do you really need your DVD collection on display? Remember, you're moving everything eventually, so you might as well get started now! Not ready to part with your green bathroom? Again, you will eventually have to part ways and, really, are you ready to lose a sale over a can of paint? Because of the difficulty separating yourself from the connection you have with your home, many homeowners have found it's much easier to go through the selling preparation process with a staging professional. Staging professionals can help them look at their property objectively and make the changes they need in order to sell quickly and for the most money.

Christine LeLacheur is a Certified Staging Professional (CSPTM) and has a Masters of Business Administration (MBA). She continually augments her formal education by keeping on top of industry trends and keeping an ear to the ground to ensure she provides homeowners with ideas and layouts that appeal to an array of potential homebuyers.

Christine and her team are committed to making your house looks its best, optimize its value, and add to your pocketbook without leaving any equity on the table! Contact Christine today to learn more about how The Frugal Stager can help you sell your home!

David Pylyp

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