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Lets Do A Video

Canon CameraIf a picture is worth a thousand words then a VIDEO is worth 1.8 Million Words  * Dr. James McQuivey

The second largest search engine behind google is Youtube.  To avoid this medium would be the same as missing the launch of new Yellow Pages directory for your market in the early 80's.  You might be waiting a whole year for your phone to ring.

Today your clients and prospects, Text, email and fax their enquiry to your numbers.

Video presents a unique opportunity for you to connect with a new audience. They watch you, listen to your pace and cadence, your articulate delivery and planned script.  You are telling a story and providing a solution to their problem. Remember Aesop's Fables?

Lets plan your video and control all the aspects we can.

  • Camera
  • Sound
  • Lighting
  • Script
  • Length of Video
  • Editing
  • Being Seen
  • Promotion Distribution

A story will spark interest in seconds; It is imperative to catch the viewers attention in 6 - 9 seconds or they move on. 

There are some great points here;


Get help coaching and educating you through the process as you move towards either self production or professional video work; Shoot stage and help you script. Help with editing and then it needs to be SEO keyworded and uploaded to multiple platforms.


Who am I to give you any advice? The 2103 Stefan Swanepoel Technology Report, David Pylyp youtube.com/dpylyp was named as one of the Top 10 individual real estate channels on YouTube.

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Lets Do A Video
If a picture is worth a thousand words then a VIDEO is worth 1. 8 Million Words * Dr. James McQuivey The second largest search engine behind google is Youtube. To avoid this medium would be the same as missing the launch of new Yellow Pages… more
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